Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take for AQUA to work?

A. AQUA goes to work almost instantly. You should experience a soothing effect in the area you apply it within a few seconds.

Q. How often can I apply AQUA?

A. AQUA can be reapplied as often as needed. It comes in a convenient pocket or purse sized roll-on bottle that you can carry with you wherever you go.

Q. How many applications will I get from one bottle?

A.  The number of expected applications varies depending on the area to which the product is applied and the amount dispensed with each use.  For small areas, you may be able to apply AQUA up to one hundred times from a single bottle. 

Q. Does AQUA have side effects?

A. AQUA is a natural plant product formulated to be as safe as possible when used as directed. As with any product applied to the skin, there is a possibility of an allergic reaction such as a rash or other irritation of the skin. If you experience an adverse reaction we recommend discontinuing use immediately and contacting a physician if symptoms are severe or persistent.

Q. How can a product applied to the skin sooth muscles and joints that are deeper in the body?

A. The mechanism of action of topical hemp products is not fully understood. However, our skin is known to contain receptors for hemp cannabinoids as well as nerve endings that pass  to the tissues under the skin, including muscles and joints.

Q. I am pregnant. Can I use AQUA?

A. The safety of AQUA in pregnancy and in young children has not yet been established.

Q. Is AQUA made from marijuana?

A. AQUA is made from the hemp plant, which is distinguished from marijuana because hemp contains less than 0.3% THC.

Q. Will applying AQUA cause me to fail a drug test at work?

AAQUA contains less than the legal limit of THC, which is the chemical that drug tests generally detect. We know of no evidence that applying hemp products such as AQUA  to the skin can produce measurable levels of THC in the blood. 

Q. Is AQUA FDA approved?

A. AQUA is a plant-derived product that is applied to the skin. It is not a drug, nor is it a food. As such it is not to not subject to review or approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Q. Are there preservatives in AQUA?

A. AQUA is made with hemp extract and buffered water. Certain molecules occurring naturally within the hemp extract have been reported to act as natural preservatives, No manmade preservatives have been added. to this product.